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The 2018 season is now over, please get in touch from February to see what stock is available in 2019

Only Welshpoultry grow these specific bloodlines from French, Dutch and Belgium hatcheries in addition to our own parent stock. They offer superior longevity, hardiness and consistancy in lay. See the "About us" page to find out more

Scroll through the images and descriptions of our birds below, as a grower from day old chicks we supply in a range of ages, all reared naturally and together to help socialisation and exposure to the environment. The hens are reared by hand in the same way you would keep them, giving confident, friendly animals with no anti-social behaviour. Please see the "poultry prices and availability page" when you are ready to make your purchase.

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Why buy your birds from us ?

Firstly, from a combination of the best stock available and the way we rear them by hand outdoors (weather permitting) you cant go wrong. it takes more effort and time and money, but we dont lose any birds and can offer a no quibble 28 day guarantee as problems are so rare, its nothing to organise the odd replacement if you have bad luck

Secondly, Welshpoultry only exists from the desire to get people keeping garden flocks and reduce the demand for eggs from caged hens. Sadly this cruel practice seems to be endless. Ironically we do not advocate battery hen rescue, in our opinion its only the organisations that set themselves up as grant recieving charities that benefit and a proportion of chickens that cope with the stress and fully recover. Our view is simple, one of our birds, laying well for 4 years or more will prevent 3 birds going into a cage and so prevent suffering, you may not buy caged eggs, but in reality its estimated that a large proportion of free range eggs are in fact from Spanish and Russian caged systems, plus the labelling such as "Farm fresh" and a picture of a cockeral on a farm gate on the box, distracting from the tiny writing about eggs from caged hens, your neighbours and family members will be buying caged eggs. Even free range systems aren't what they seem; DEFRA estimated that only 14% of free range birds go outside due to feed rationing and external engineering to deter ranging. However, you can supply them with the highest welfare eggs possible and make enough money to pay for the hobby with some to spare at £1.50 per box of 6. We fully respect the noble cause of trying to give an end of commercial life hen a chance of a fresh start, but we have witnessed the problems that come with this process.

1. Release of birds and diseases such as mycoplasma into wider populations. Every month we have customers that lost half their ex batts and now want to buy from us to top up - sadly we have to refuse to sell to them until their remaining birds die out and they sterilise and move their coop.

2. The lack of proper rehabilitation , placing the birds in greater stress and many dont make it

3. The sudden appearance of "young laying hens, £8" available everywhere on facebook only 4 weeks after a collection of 7,000 20 month old free range birds in decent feather for £1.50 each. There are people who buy 200, bring them on and then con people, the charities undertake no follow up on the fate of the birds they pass on.

4. Factory farms justifying there practice by refering to how the chickens "retire" to new homes.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, what we do doesn't raise a minimum wage, but pays for fencing, and land management of the wider farm. Its no gold mine, but we can all do our bit to get chickens back in the gardens and help reduce demand for hens living in cages.

Buying guidence

THE GOLDEN RULE .....NEVER rush into a purchase, birds are being bred all the time, get your setup ready first.

Dont read too many book and articles, get the common sense basics right then talk to people like us and freinds with hens.

Buy lively but sociable hens , but not nutters that arent used to humans, you want bright eyes, clean bums and a bit of spirit.

Dont buy fully mature hens unless from an actual grower like us, too many old hens post moult are being sold as early lay hens, leaving the owner with hens to feed and few eggs.

There are some good resources on facebook, we find that the books are filling pages with old wives tales not really suited to modern hen strains much of the time. We recommend for general queries

We produce our own no nonsense "Welshpoulty guide to chicken keeping" covering everything from feed to dealing with common ailments" being released in 2018 and some youtube videos that run alongside the guide will also be available.