est. 2003 - Wales leading supplier of top quality poultry only 10 minutes from Pontypridd

The 2019 season is now over, albeit a month early due to enexpected demand for our birds during August. We will have chicks again from December.

Only Welshpoultry grow these specific bloodlines from French, Dutch and Belgium hatcheries in addition to our own parent stock. They offer superior longevity, hardiness and consistancy in lay. See the "About us" page to find out more

Wake up to Chickens !

We kept 6 Blackrock hens in the garden, addictive as watching fish in a pond, interesting, freindly, funny. Like you - we were hooked. The kids loved them and so did we. Having originally started our careers in Wales and moved away, we returned, chickens in boxes and were able to have them and our pet ducks as the first livestock on a patch of moutain now called Ty mynydd Farm. The Indian runners ducks went after they realised that with a strong wind they could get a few moments lift, drift from the moutain top to be over the actual valley floor and land in peoples gardens that were far more fun terrorising the old folk of the Rhondda.

The Blackrock beginnings of Welshpoultry

In 2003, we were invited by the breeder of Scottish Blackrock hens , Peter Siddons, to retail his livestock as the exclusive agent in Wales, and so started a steep learning curve with this fabulous but challenging bird that always repaid you in hardiness, egg reliability and longevity. As Peter's health declined and production of chicks slowed down , we had to embark on a search to find a comparable performing bird. This is no easy task as most heavy layers are built purely for egg production in specific environments. Following several failed trials on the mountain with Czech and Irish hybrids, either with Winter egg production or general poor health (one might sneeze at one end of the field causing another to drop dead at the other) Followed by the supply of 16 week olds that had never been outside or had much exposure to people or farm life with similar poor results on our busy mountain farm, it was clear a rethink was in order.

The birth of Welshpoultry

We finally had some good fortune and from our Field trials with the Dutch equivalent of the Blackrock, and some French coloured hybrids, followed by a White Leghorn producer in Belgium. Based on Hardiness, rearing behaviour (likelihood to featherpeck) Winter egg production, tolerance of bad weather on the moutain and a loss rate of 1% or less after hatch, we made our final cut of new suppliers

The Current Range of birds

The final range that we still rely on today come from France, Holland and Belgium. In addition to this we have developed our own breeding strains, in particular the commercial barred birds, the blacktails and silver sussex. All do well on the North facing moutain, first Winter egg production remains high in challenging conditions and customers continue to report good egg production post 4 years of age.