Chicken Boarding @ Welshpoultry




Due to high demand, we have finally found a method to safely accomodate customers birds on site. Our holiday villas are separate units accomodating upto eight birds in each unit.



2017  Prices


2 hens - £4 per day

each additional bird add 50p per day , so 8 birds for example would be £7 per day


Minimum boarding charge is 4 days board, payable in full at start of the boarding (please see below)

Day of arrival and day of departure charged at full daily rate.

Bank Holidays; including good friday, easter sunday, christmas day, boxing day and new years day are charged at twice standard daily rate.

Worming (Flubenvet) - £1 / hen (we recommend worming spring and autumn)


Terms and conditions


The full balance of payment for boarding is to be made by cash only and this must be made when you drop your hens off, if you are late collecting your hens or they have required any medication then the extra cost should be paid on collection of your hens.


Layers Pellets and afternoon corn / treats are included in the daily boarding cost, if you wish to provide specific food, please supply this for the duration of teir stay


All chickens are bedded on shavings and straw in nest boxes.

You are welcome to bring your own hen house / run if you prefer, setting up and removal of this is your responsibility and at your own risk.

All eggs laid during the boarding period can be collected and kept for you.

Chicken boarding is at your own risk; I will make every effort to ensure the health and happiness of your hens, but cannot accept responsibility for any damage, loss or injury.  It is a reality that if a bird is carrying an illness it will often surface when the animal is stressed from a journey or new surroundings.


In the unlikely event of any illness or injury, any vet bills will be your responsibility if you request veterinary attention.


We cannot accept birds with mites or lice. I will check all chickens on arrival reserve the right to withdraw holiday services if the bird poses a high threat of infection to other visitors or our own birds.


Any hens uncollected, after 3 days of the agreed collection date and where no contact has been made, will become the property of Welshpoultry and given away free to good homes.


Your booking is your agreement to these terms.