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The 2019 season is now over, albeit a month early due to enexpected demand for our birds during August. We will have chicks again from December.

Only Welshpoultry grow these specific bloodlines from French, Dutch and Belgium hatcheries in addition to our own parent stock. They offer superior longevity, hardiness and consistancy in lay. See the "About us" page to find out more

Hybrid heavy layers

Sexed chicks available from December

White Leghorn

Rhondda rock

Rhondda Blue

Sussex Pont

Copper Black Maran

Barred rock

Welshpoultry Blacktail

Pure Breeds.

Currently rearing parent stock, apologies for the lack of availability, we can take short cuts like others do, but the risks of bringing disease on site is very high. We are currently building up new bloodlines in the background and their offspring will be available in the coming months. When only low number of pure breeds are available, they tend to be shown on the facebook page first


Rhode Island Reds - heavy laying strain

Crested Cream legbar

Buff Rocks

Buff Orpingtons

Ducks - heavy layers

Snowy Campbells

Khaki Campbells

SEXED DAY OLDS Under heat £4 £6
1 Under heat £4.50 £7
2 Under heat £5 £8
3 Under heat £5.50 £9
4 off heat but indoors £6 £10
5 off heat but indoors £6.50 £11
6 outdoors but sheltered £7 £12
7 outdoors but sheltered £7.50 £13
8 on the fields £8 £14
9 on the fields £8.50 £15
10 on the fields £9 £16
11 on the fields £9.50 £17
12 on the fields £10 £18
13 on the fields £11 £20
14 on the fields £12 £22
15 on the fields £13 £24
16 Point of Lay £14 £26